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Aquatic species require proper nutrient supplementation to support efficient growth and maintain health. International Nutrition has developed products that meet these nutritional requirements and offers the customer a means to achieve profitability and high performance. Our technical specialists can also formulate products to meet the customer’s individual need.

Aqua 606 – Health and growth of your shrimp, fish or other aqua species will be improved when Aqua 606, a blend of probiotics and enzymes, becomes a part of your feeding program.

Carp/Tilapia VTM – Top performance is your reward when you use Carp/Tilapia VTM to fortify your feeding program.

Jumbo Bical- Vitamin and mineral supplementation is critical during the rapid growth phase in shrimp and fish. Jumbo Bical is your best choice to assure your feeding program is up to the challenge of producing a top crop.

Trout Vitamin Premix – Trout performance will suffer without full supplementation of the fourteen selected vitamins present in Trout Vitamin Premix. Don’t take a chance on poor performance.

Please contact us for more specific information on how International Nutrition products can work for you.