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Contract Manufacturing

International Nutrition understands the most important relationship formed between a customer and their contract manufacturer is trust. Trust that ingredients will be handled with care. Trust that products will be manufactured and packaged correctly. Trust that products will be manufactured in a timely manner to meet customer demand.

International Nutrition understands the processes needed to guarantee consistent quality while meeting domestic and foreign government regulations. Production technicians employ advanced mixing and packaging technology and follow procedures developed to meet FDA, ISO 9001 and Safe Feed/Safe Food guidelines. Quality assurance professionals oversee the entire process to assure each product meets customer requirements. Customer service representatives work with each customer to assure a smooth transition between order placement, manufacturing and delivery. All this and any special requests are combined to give each customer an unequaled contract manufacturing experience.

We would like the opportunity to meet you in Omaha to discuss your manufacturing needs and give you a personal tour of our facilities. Please go to the contact us page and give us a call. We can’t wait to get started!