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International Nutrition has supplied nutritional supplements to the U.S.A. cattle, goat and dairy industries for over 30 years. Our products meet the unique nutritional needs of the ruminant and assure high performance and health benefits. Our technical specialists can also work with customers to design products for camel, buffalo and other regionally important ruminant species.

Closeup on cows being fed by cattleman

Worm Away – An infestation of intestinal parasites will devastate animal performance and can lead to death. Worm Away controls major worm species in goats, sheep and cattle, helping to achieve optimum weight gain, greater milk production and better health.

Power Goat – Get your goats off to a fast start with Power Goat, a complete and balanced premix designed to be mixed with all available feedstuffs.

Calf Premix – The most important time to insure proper growth and development is in the early stage of the calf’s life.Feed this concentrated blend of essential vitamins, trace minerals and fermentation factors to maximize growth and development in dairy and beef calves.

Cattle Trace Mineral Premix – Quality trace mineral supplementation is critical for supporting growth and reproductive performance in cattle. Feeding this highly bio-available source of trace minerals will help get the job done.Dairy VTM Premix – High milk production, health and reproductive performance are the goals. Feeding this concentrated blend of essential vitamins and trace minerals will help you achieve this goal in your dairy herd.

Please contact us for more specific information on how International Nutrition products can work for you.