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Nutrient supplementation to swine, poultry, aqua and ruminant species is required to support maximum performance and health. The levels of supplementation will change based on many factors like age, weather and production stress. International Nutrition has developed a number of products that will provide proper supplementation through either feed or water. Our technical specialists can also develop formulations to meet specific customer requirements.


Soluble Vitamix – Trusted for over 20 years, this high potency, water dispersible blend will shield your animals from the performance robbing stress of high production, climate change and disease situations.

Soluble ADE – Whether your livestock are receiving a sufficient level of these three critical fat-soluble vitamins will never be a concern when you’re adding Soluble ADE to their drinking water.

Spectralyte Plus – Young swine, poultry and ruminants are constantly subjected to the stress of production, climate and disease. Make sure the nutrients they need to fight off the negative effects of stress are present by offering SpectralytePlus. Don’t raise livestock without it!

Instress – For 20 years this product has been used successfully to supplement nutrients to livestock dealing with the stress conditions associated with intensive production. You won’t go wrong using Instress!

Electrolyte Blend – 20 years of satisfied customers can’t be wrong. This is the premier electrolyte supplement. Rapidly soluble, blue to make sure it’s there and designed to fight stress and get your livestock to market heavier and healthier.

Laczyme H2O – Concerned about probiotics and enzymes fed through your feed? Then use this unique water dispersible blend and enjoy the benefits of 21st century technology.

Milac – Piglets and calves get a boost from this well-balanced milk replacer. Critical in those situations where sows and cows are not producing enough milk or in situations where young animal has been orphaned.

Vac-Pro Tec Plus – Vaccine protection plus a nice blue color that assures you it’s there and working.


Pro-Pep F – Better than fish meal and less expensive than plasma protein products, Pro-Pep F is your key to great performance in swine and poultry. You’ll see performance and profitability improve by feeding this highly digestible protein source.

Fly-Curb – Do your neighbors a favor and use Fly-Curb to reduce the number of irritating flies that develop in swine and ruminant manure. Impoves animal performance and can reduce the incidence of diseases that may be transferred by flies.

Fresh Aire Premix – Reduced ammonia odors, control of deadly hydrogen sulfide, better manure consistency and happier, healthier animals, farm workers and neighbors. Now that’s what we call being green!

IN Bond – Pellet durability is a key to animal performance and reduced feed waste. IN Bond is your pelleting friend.

LacZyme – Enzymes and probiotics to improve gut health and performance. Think natural, think LacZyme.

Microferm II with Enzymes – A unique and cost effective way to add enzymes and known growth factors to livestock feeding programs.

Mold Halt – Mold can kill!! Help stop it with this, broad-spectrum fungi stat comprised of a scientifically balanced and buffered formula of organic acids and other mold inhibiting ingredients.

Multiferm 40 – Combines plant and marine growth factors in a cost effective and easy to use premix for all phases of livestock and poultry production.

VM 505 – A concentrated blend of eleven essential vitamins providing a cost effective way to fortify livestock and poultry feeds.

Whey Permeate – Free flowing powder, derived from the process of cheese manufacturing, for supplying lactose and highly available milk proteins.

Xylan 500 – If you feed wheat in your swine and poultry diets you need Xylan 500 to improve utilization and efficiency of this valuable protein and energy source.

Please contact us for more specific information on how International Nutrition products can work for you.